Sunday, July 12, 2009


Special thanks to schirmcat who inspired this card ... it is not my usual style. But I got a call from my firstborn telling me he had been sailboat speed racing on the Hudson when his boat collided with another racer. It was the other guy's fault, and my David wasn't at the helm when they crashed. He said they were all shouting, "leeward leeward," but the other boat didn't turn. The girl who was in command at the time had a great explanation -- the other boat was supposed to turn and didn't have the right of way. Guess she showed them!

At any rate, a sailboat card was in order and this is the one I came up with. The e e cummings quote was the only seaworthy quote I could find in my collection. But I thought it made the boat look a lot like a photo on the wall with a brass plate underneath. I have a great imagination, betcha you didn't see that at all till I pointed it out.

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