Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How Now Brown Cow ?

Just in case anyone was wondering, if you put bleach on black paper, you do NOT get nice white blotches that look like cow skin. At least not on the black paper I tried - I did get some interesting brown blotches.
So ...I made this card for this week's teapot over at mothermark's blog. Somehow I think I made this one more involved than it had to be! I made the denim for his pants by rubbing 2 blue ink pads across some lighter blue cardstock and adding gel pen stitching and marker for the wrinkles at the seam. I used my scor-pal to do checkers on the red shirt, then rubbed it with white. My cow ( YES it is a cow, what did you think it was? ) has a Martha Stewart punched udder and feet ... my revenge on Martha for her years of being organized while I was .... not ... and an Elemental Doodles stamped hat of course. I word processed the Moooooo. I thought Snickers looked kind of like cow fur so I used her for a background. The cat whiskers sticking out do not add to the illusion of cow.

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