Saturday, May 22, 2010

Coloring Red

There is a super tutorial on coloring with red markers over at I Like Markers - and I had to give it a try. My first attempt was my apple --- done in the "old fashioned" way of coloring the whole image with little circles of light then adding the darker colors and finally finishing with the original light color as a blender. Next I tried my octopus image with lots of feathering and no little circles. Then I sampled paper with the digi flowerpot - lots of people say SU is hard to work on, but I found the SU worked pretty well for me. The flowerpot is from Designed 2 Delight - you can get a free image there every week to play with.

Now ... do I chop them apart and make cards or save them as samples. hmmm. Dilemma.


  1. I will have to look this up when I get a chane- love the coloring on the watering can alot-esp the one with gray in it.

  2. Keep them in tact and refer back. I have a sheet with coloring for all of my pencils and I refer to it often. I hope you're having a great time at the brayer workshop and will share some cool stuff here when you return.

  3. This is very focused and scholarly of you! I am impressed! I already thought your shading was great.

  4. Oh my gosh, this is so over my head. LOL! I love how different they all look! Amazing!


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