Friday, June 18, 2010

Copic reinker background

Refilling by the drip method just might mean drips. And I don't want to waste those drips! So when I refilled my Y17 I did it over glossy paper. I honestly didn't drip... so I had to drip on purpose to make this paper. I dripped in some peachy ink too, and then blobbed it all over with a cotton ball. Didn't blob quite fast enough and you can see the dark yellow drops behind the central image and on the lower right corner.

Next I put some metallic acrylic paint on a scrap, pounced my cotton ball into it and pounced here and there. All the thready marks that look brown and dull on this blog are really shiny gold metallic and look awesome.  Hey I gotta tell you, if I can tell you when I made mistakes, I can also brag when things turn out and this card is fantastic in real life.

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  1. Love the's great when 'mistakes' happen because often they can be better than what you originally planned.


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