Friday, June 18, 2010

How to refill a copic marker

Here's what my copic class looked like ---I am the one in the blue shirt getting coffee during the break when she took the photos. I was sooooo delighted, this morning somebody from Gingerwood emailed me and asked for advice on filling her marker without a needle.

I KNEW The answer! But I went and copied the directions from the copic site so that I would get it right .... in case you ever wondered, here is the deal ...

Here are the directions from the Copic website ... the easiest one for me I put stars in front of.  Just don't wear any clothes you love since if you are like me, there might be a drop that doesn't fit in the marker when you try to get just one more drop in. At the workshop she said to add 10 to 12 drops for a really dry marker. Her point was it is better to refill often than to overfill. You do need to pull out the tip - so if you don't have the tool, that can get messy and you might want to stick to the dripping on the tip thing but that takes F O R E V E R .....  one thing it doesn't mention is just letting the marker sit for 5 minutes so the ink can wick to both ends.   Apparently there is some wick thing through the center.

Refilling Copic Markers   (Cut and pasted from the copic website:)
Download the pdf instructions here.

Sketch, Copic and Ciao - Drip and Dab
This is the most direct method of refilling. Using the dropper built into the various ink bottle simply drip/dab drops of ink onto the chisel nib of your marker. Touch the very tip of the ink bottle to the tip of the marker. To refill a marker it takes about 20-30 drops of ink. Let each drop get sucked in before you add the next drop.

**********Remove Nib and Fill
This method is much faster than Drip and Dab. With your tweezers pull the chisel tip out from your marker. Take the cap off the other side of the marker (this helps to avoid getting air bubbles and allows the ink to seep in better). Carefully pour in the ink. Don’t squeeze too quickly since it’s easy to mis-judge how much ink you’re adding. When you’re done, put the nib back in and put both caps back on. Let your marker sit for a moment so the ink evenly distributes within the marker.

Refilling with the Booster Needle
Refilling markers with the Copic Booster needle is the most accurate and quick. Attach the Booster over the built-in dropper on a bottle of various ink. Then insert this into your marker, squeeze gently until you’ve added the correct amount of ink.

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