Friday, June 11, 2010

Gone for the Weekend

I have been stamping images all day and am off to Grand Rapids to become COPIC CERTIFIED.

That's me on the left, instructor Debbie Olson in the middle, and a splitcoast friend Hilda on the right ( Broom to those who are on Splitcoast)

  To see all my copic work up to date, click on the little word "copic"  in the labels list at the end of this post and just those blog entries will come up.

  OK you knew that ... but it is new to me ...duhhhh

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  1. Are you learning with THE Debbie Olson??? I haven't been bitten by the Copic bug, but I am so jealous of all the wonderful classes you're taking and benefiting from. Thanks for sharing what you're traveling to attain. Stay cool, cat!


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