Friday, December 11, 2009

My Christmas Gift

It's the week before Christmas, I love Christmas time
And I spent my whole evening creating a rhyme

Hey Joyce you'll have to tell me what you think
Of the poem I composed when you print it with ink.

If you want to know what I'm talking about
Just read the comments and you will find out.


  1. Here is the poem I wrote for the rocker that is passing through the Christensen family.

    Twas the day after Christmas, the gifts were all given,
    That Santa had left when his sleigh he had driven

    We’d picked up the presents and all of the trappings
    And all of the ribbons and bows and the wrappings

    But there was just one extra gift for good measure
    A special antique for the twins soon to treasure

    A gift that went back to the time long ago,
    Back in 1925 it had worn a red bow

    And proudly this gift had been given to Bee
    If you look at her photo, it is plain to see.

    She jumped from the chair and went spinning around
    And giggled so much that she spun to the ground

    A smile on her face for her own kid-sized chair
    Was waiting just under the Christmas tree there.

    As Bee soon grew up as small ones like to do,
    But the chair was still very well loved by a few

    Aunt BeeBee had loved to sit and slow rock,
    Aunt Carol would go back and forth like a clock.

    And once, when the window shone light from the moon,
    We found, fast asleep, the dear little June.

    The chair was not loved just by girls in the clan
    But also great grandpa Bud, before he was a man

    He used to rock and pretend it was a train
    That could take him across any hilly terrain

    He’s pull on a pretend horn and say TOOT
    You know, great grandpa Bud was really quite cute.

    AJ was sure that the chair, by golly,
    Was much better cuddled in holding her dolly

    She’d sit and she’d rock and then she would dream
    Wondering what being a mommy would seem

    Great Great Grandpa Nellie and Great Great Grandpa Hank
    Had so many blessings they wanted to thank

    The families they loved and watched growing old
    The chair kept the stories that were never told

    The Christenson family, the bonds of together
    Are passed on through the ages and will be forever

    So as the chair passes to Melissa and Dave
    There will be many more memories that you’ll need to save.

    The story of our family goes on without end
    As new little babies can rock and pretend.

    Who knows what wonders in her head will whirl
    As the chair is enjoyed by your new little girl

    And your son might be dreaming of what he will be
    As he sits in the chair just as still as can be

    WIth dreams of the future and sweet memories
    This chair links the love of our families.


  2. ARE the cat's whiskers! This is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL and the memories aren't even mine in the poem! was just great to read. I too make up poems for folk and then have to write them all out so I really appreciate the work you have put into this....did this one roll off quite easily because that's how it reads....I know some don't run so well and aren't easy to read...just curious. Congratulations!!


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