Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tim Holtz Tag # 3

Susan has really been sweet about encouraging me to try the Tim Holtz tags. But after she said she spent 9 hours making the first 9 tags, I gotta admit I was a bit intimidated! Here you see tag # 3, well, tag # 1 for me, in JULIET TONES ... with a shrinky dink charm and a gold heart and silver jump ring. I have never matched my shoes with my purse either --- >^..^<


  1. Hmmmm, what does that mean - Juliet tones?
    Are you saying that it doesn't look like a Chrstmas tag (because it doesn't!) the little charm is so sweet!

    Are you talking about Susan K? I didn't know the two of you were buddies!

  2. Nice job and my shoes and purse aren't usually coordinated either. Hope you are staying warm and well.

  3. I used to coordinate my shoes and bag when I was in the corporate more! Practicality is my name now. Love the tag, Cat - great job! I told you it was easy!


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