Friday, December 11, 2009

Punchy cupcakes card

Trying my new cupcake punch --- cute, huh!


  1. This is a test since the very long comment I wrote just diappeared.

  2. We'll try the long one again! First of all, your cards are great! I've been here for at least a half hour since your post on Gingerwood. I've added you to my favorites and will be checking back regularly.

    Question: Do you create poems for compensation? We're having a shower for my daughter-in-law the day after Christmas. They're having a boy and a girl.I would LOVE a poem to accompany a child's rocker that has been in my family for years(I have photos of people in their eighties sitting in it as toddlers) It's being refinished so there will be no danger of splinters or lead paint to cause these new little ones problems. Is it possible, and if so, how do we get it done?

    Thanks so much for "inviting" us to your blog. I've had a great time here.
    joyce h

  3. Cute! Love the paper you used and that sentiment is great. Fun stuff around here now that you're back downstairs. Hope the suitcases are getting packed, too.


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